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Brushtail Possum

“Look who came to visit this morning. I arrived at work early to discover this small friend outside my window. Normally brushtail possums are nocturnal so it is unusual to have one wandering around outside your office looking for all the world as if it would like to have a word with you about the standard of accommodation on offer.

As animals I find them cute and furry even though I know they are a pain if they take up residence in your roof. Not everyone likes these marsupials and they have become a problem in New Zealand

Now that you have admired the wildlife outside my office window…

Vincent Van Gogh Balloon over the Canberra School of Art

Did you know that if two balloons touch during a flight it’s called a “kiss”. This piece of balloon trivia was discovered after an early morning trip to the foreground of old parliament house to watch the launching of dozens of balloons.”

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