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Alberto Lung

I am self-taught artist born in Peru from Chinese, Japanese, and Peruvian descent (75:12.5:12.5 ratio if I figured out the math and genetics right). My last name is the only Chinese Kanji I know, and it actually means “Dragon” (bottom … Continue reading

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In the tradition of NPR’s National Story Project comes this funky collection of letters, flyers and other miscellany from the pages of Found magazine. Rothbart, the magazine’s editor and founder, has pulled together the funniest, weirdest and most moving items … Continue reading

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“It has always been bright ideas and brilliant products for Stephen Gottlich and Jacob Horwitz, the founders of Illuminology. When the idea of CandleScapes was born (a very bright idea) the two founders needed someone to help make it a … Continue reading

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The Double Comet Show of 2004

Comets C/2001 Q4 (NEAT) and C/2002 T7 (LINEAR) were discovered in August 2001 and October 2002, respectively, by the automated sky-survey programs for which they’re named: Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) and Lincoln Laboratory Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR). Amateurs have … Continue reading

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Today is PIYP Day

“The City of New York and The New York Times invite you to join us on April 30, 2004 for Poem in Your Pocket Day. April is National Poetry month and there is no better way to culminate this tradition … Continue reading

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Our carnival life forever

“I drove down to the Palace, the old amusement hall where my father and I used to play skee ball. It’s been closed for nearly a decade now. It’s a symbol, to me, of old Asbury Park. The Asbury Park … Continue reading

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The DNA of AND: Ampersand as Myth and Metaphor

“From corporate rhetoric to consumer cliché to faux finishes and desktop veneer, truth has gone from being a steadfast principle to a silly posture. Once the stuff of morals and fables, its presence in everyday life has become an imperiled … Continue reading

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Compound of Five Cubes

Polyhedra are beautiful 3-D geometrical figures that have fascinated philosophers, mathematicians and artists for millennia. Paper Models of Polyhydra Copyrights © 1998-2003 G. Korthals Altes All rights reserved .

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The Ethiopian Manuscripts

“The eight Ethiopian manuscripts in the University of Utah’s Middle East library were acquired in 1972 as part of the Martin Levey collection. Martin Levey, who died in 1970, was a leading scholar in the field of the history of … Continue reading

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Illustrated Diaries by Asian Children

“I always can’t wait for Monday. Many things happen on this day like the school flag ceremony. We only sing the national anthem on Monday. I look forward to singing this song on the first day of the week. This … Continue reading

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