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Easter Greetings!

© Nicola/Vanillasky

April 5
Quill Pens, The Spy That Ate Manhattan, “Springing Forward”, Free Online Graph Paper PDFs!, Moleskine on sale?, Alessio Pieraccioli

April 6
eBay Item #2235998230, Journeys: Egypt, Jewish Women on Passover, CODEX SERAPHINIANVS, Remains of the Day, “Stationery Freak”

© Russel Stutler

April 7
Taste: Soup Dumplings, Love and Yearning, Journeys: London, Karen Michel

April 8
IceTrek Patagonia, The Polaroids of Mark-Steffen Göwecke, Energy or Wisdom, Melanie Testa

April 9
Paperweights, Lightness Perception and Lightness Illusions, Good Friday, Russel Stutler

Johanna of Happeningfish/Finland is initiating a “Wandering Moleskine” project. To join, check out the Moleskinerie Community @ Orkut.

– Welcome to our new members: Marc in Washington, D.C., Oliver in California, Ineke, Annedien and Justin from the Netherlands and Daniel in Spain.

– Thanks to W. Lynn Garrett for her kind permission to use some of her images in a coming post.

– Special hello to my old friend Dr. Robert Riethmueller, wife Girlie and kids Karl, Lukas and Oliver.


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