Alberto Lung

I am self-taught artist born in Peru from Chinese, Japanese, and Peruvian descent (75:12.5:12.5 ratio if I figured out the math and genetics right). My last name is the only Chinese Kanji I know, and it actually means “Dragon” (bottom right corner of my “Sushi Chef” sketch). I draw inspiration mainly from traditional Japan, anime, manga, video games, Greek-Roman mythology, and Pre-Hispanic South American and other Ancient civilizations.


During the day, I work as a Food Safety specialist conducting Quality Assurance and safety inspections for private companies. On my own time, I focus on developing my drawing and computer skills. Currently illustrating and designing customized how-to-draw/coloring books for children, so that they can sketch and draw their own battling deck of cards so popular these days.


I enjoy visiting art supplies stores and discovering new products to try. I found the Moleskine sketchbooks a couple of years ago in the now-closed Art Store in Davie, FL. While I own and use many different types and sizes of sketchbooks, I find that my 3.5 X 5.5 ” Moleskine sketchbooks coupled with my Worther Shorty pencil (which can be securely clipped to the front cover) are the best choice when traveling light or sketching in museums and at the zoo. They are both compact, light and sturdy, and just the right size to fit in most pockets. Which sometimes, it can also be a problem since I always seem to misplace one of them.


I hope I find my missing one soon because I got my sketchbook studies from my trip to the Smithonian Museum of Natural History and some biographical iinformation of my mother’s childhood years in the Southern province of Canete during World War II in it (I had the chance to interview the oldest uncle in the family when attending a wedding in Canada last summer) . Normally I prefer to fill my Moleskine with drawings, but this was an unique opportunity to gather family data for my personal archives.


I supposed the other problem with this product is the lack of local retailers that carry it, and I’m still waiting for Dick Blick to re-stock them since their on-line catalog list them as unavailable from manufacturer still).

Alberto Lung

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  1. I’m sorry to read of the loss of your notebook. I use the moleskines too and my work can be seen at

  2. Thanks, I found that lost notebook misplaced in a hidden pocket my travel gear months later. It’s funny how in the last few years, the Moleskine books line has become much more readily available in US bookstores and through online suppliers. I had a college friend that also was very much into boats. The ships gallery scope could be broadened with some internal views and machine room sketches.

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