Beatrix Potter


Beatrix Potter was born in England and lived there all her life. She is known today for her wonderful children’s stories, especially Peter Rabbit.

Letter from Beatrix Potter to Bertha Mahony Miller

From childhood, Beatrix was an avid student of Nature. She drew and painted all the animals she could find, and loved painting mushrooms.

Beatrix Potter’s study of twelve different caterpillars, from the Drawing Book (age 8,) 1875.

Her two strongest interests were always being in the natural world and painting what she saw there.


Beatrix filled many sketchbooks and kept a journal all her life. Beatrix was financially self-supporting at a time (early 1900s) when women were not really supposed to be. With money earned from her books she eventually bought land and became a farmer. During her later years she was widely respected throughout England as an expert on fungi (a mycologist). She was also a respected watercolor painter; she painted many landscapes and over 270 watercolors of mushrooms.

Beatrix Potter (b.1866 d.1943)

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  1. Beatrix Potter’s cottage, Hill Top, at Sawrey in the Lake District is lovely. Many of the illustrations in the books are inspired by different parts of the cottage. There’s also, what I call, Mr McGregor’s garden in front of the cottage. One year I took a photo of a watering can and gardening fork arrangement that looked like it was straight out of “Peter Rabbit”. The cottage is now a National Trust property and there’s a gallery in nearby Hawkshead with more of Beatrix’s illustrations.

  2. NOT the information I was looking for, but still good.
    What I WOULD like is some of the information about her life as a MYCOLOGIST because I’m not really that interested in the books right now, I NEED [correct] INFORMATION!

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