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“I thought I would never use squared pages. I felt the diagonal lines of the boxes would “interfere” with my writing.

The first Moleskine I bought, therefore, was the ruled pocketbook, but after reading what Bruce Chatwin used for taking notes, as described in The Songlines, I decided to give the squared pocketbook a try.

As a matter of fact, I fell in love with the squared pages immediately when I found out that those lines or boxes did not interfere nor restrict my writing but gave me freedom instead – freedom to write in any size I wish while keeping the lines straight, or even ignore the rules if there were any. Of course I could do the same on ruled pages (or plain pages as well), but it doesn’t give me the same kind of pleasure I get from the squared ones.

Right now I use the squared pocketbook for jotting ideas, and the large squared notebook to keep records on business meetings. Also I like using the plain pocketbook as a sketchbook with coloring pencils but I’m thinking of creating mosaic-like pictures on the squared pages as well…”

Tat @ Moleskinerie Forum/Orkut

Image: Mojolondon

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