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The Thousand Dollar Journal by Epica Imports

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Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

You are bringing home a truly magnificent and BREATHTAKING 22″x 30″ GIGANTIC handmade Italian leather journal that will be hand crafted just for you. Here are some this books many features:

-From beginning to end, skilled Florentine artisans carefully selected the leather, hand sponged and colored to give it its unparalleled distressed leather look
-The binding is hand pressed and raised to give it our signature binding.
-The pages have been sewn by hand into each book
-Leather is carefully wrapped around the two enormous panels to augment this breathtaking piece.
-Each book has nearly 700 enormous writing or drawing pages!

eBay Item #4202938995
Buy it Now Price: US $1,500.00

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2 thoughts on “eBay Item #4202938995

  1. Now that is obnoxious. What thought in my head is really worth the cost of a $1000 40lb journal? I’m going to need new cargo pants to carry that thing around.

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