Energy or Wisdom

“Each spring when a young man’s fancy turns to girls, an older man’s eyes still notice these same girls, but every year it seems they keep getting younger looking (it can’t possibly be *me* getting older, therefore it must be reverse evolution). I see their youthful expressions and carefree attitudes and silently pray that they will understand life’s great secret in time to avoid middle-aged mud. If only they could realize now that with effort this happy and carefree state can continue, providing they make the right decisions along the way. But like most of us, their destiny is to spend time and effort later trying to find their lost youth.”


“Unfortunately, as with most things involving young people, that’s something you can’t tell them (or rather they simply won’t listen). Their other destiny is to learn experientially on their own terms. My generation was no exception, and we dutifully ignored our parents and elders thinking we had all the answers and these old fogies were, well, just old coots. I’m going through the same process with my teenagers when we butt heads, and with a twinkle in my eye I tell them, “I can’t wait until you have kids.” It’s a Dad’s best and truest revenge.”

Gary Varner

© 2004