Dyeing To Tell You


“My favorite of all colors is robin egg blue and I will happily sit in the corner an dye egg after egg in the blue until some selfish kid wakes up and cries “Mommy’s taken all the eggs!” Then I have to start boiling them all over again to keep the little monster happy.

One year we tried some sophisticated method (I’m sure foisted upon me by Martha S.) of using onions skins and beet, and some backyard plants to make natural, subdued colors. Yuck. The house stuck like old socks and all the colors resembled what’s left of the Playdough after your three year old brother mixes all the colors together.”

The Artjournaler

© 2004


While on the subject of eggs…

A Peregrine Nest

Peregrines typically return to the same nesting site year after year.

Pictured is a female nesting at our webcam site in Waukegan, IL.

Step out on a ledge with Field Museum scientist Mary Hennen as she and her team climb some of Chicago’s tallest skyscrapers to monitor our recovering population of Peregrine Falcons.

Once a federally endangered species, Peregrine Falcons had all but completely disappeared from the Midwest by the 1960s, due to the use of DDT. But over the last 20 years, Mary and her fellow team members on the Chicago Peregrine Program have helped to successfully reintroduce these beautiful birds back into the Midwest.

Expeditions @ Field Museum, Chicago

View the live cam