From the Logbook


“I am new to moleskins, but have a long affair with notebooks. It started over 15 years ago with a pigskin daytimmer. My style is to just use the pages as blank notebook pages and ignore all the micromanage my life stuff they print on the pages. The book never left my side. I used that thing for over a decade then left it at a B and B on the night of the turning of the millennium. It must have been a significant date, because I never got it back.

Then came a very cool replacement. Make by Hippo, really a guy, a knife and a hand sticher. I bought a brand new daytimmer and told the Hippo dude to pull out the 5 ring binder and put it into his hand stitched binder. He used cheep 3 ring binders. Now this is great and I used it for 4 years. (I still have it at my desk side)

But then my life changed. I saw the Moleskin blank pages and bought it before moving to work on an animal sanctuary. I could slip this little book in my jean pocket and be ready to write down anything. A telephone number, a medicine for an animal, an idea.

Along the way I got distracted by a fancy palm. It is about the size of the moleskine (No coincidence I suppose) but just seems too fragile and hard to jot. I did love the numbers at my fingertip and calendar though.

I have one other journal device. I wrote a book and outlined the book notes on a larger journal. But I needed to have it with me before I would work on the book. Now I am starting my second book and am thinking about just using the Moleskine. It will never leave me. Maybe book stuff back to front, regular notes front to back. ..”

Russ Mead @ The Logbook