“Enter the Moleskine! After stumbling into a specialist paper store in Canberra I found the perfect notebook – it even had a handy elastic to keep it closed, and a stitched-in bookmark. Above all, it had squared paper 🙂 It has become my favourite hard-copy medium. It fits in a shirt pocket, takes fountain pen ink well (being left-handed, I find a fountain pen glides over the page, rather than diggin in as ballpoints tend to) and has a sufficiently sturdy cover to allow writing while standing, and it opens flat – unlike most bound notebooks.

I carry my trusty moleskine now wherever I go to jot down ideas, thoughts, sketch designs to remind me of interesting ways of constructing things (like joints on a bench) or ideas on using mouldings for bookcases (see below). For me, it is the perfect format! – even though the small format notebook is not cheap at around AUS$25.00 each – they are well made and last for ages as the paper is really fine – so you get more pages for less bulk.”

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3 thoughts on “ijerry

  1. Hi Ijerry
    found this comment at Moleskinerie originally. A woman of my own heart who loves the squared moleskines. Interesting that they are the hardest to find here in Oz. Obviously the unusualness of them precludes them from sales here. The ruled and sketch are the most popular, our luck I guess!
    Take care
    Lise, Melbourne

  2. Hi Lise
    Isn’t this a great site!

    But I can’t believe Moleskinerie managed to mistake my gender! I guess that’s what comes from keeping a more personal blog, rather than one devoted to work or sports 🙂


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