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I don’t mention it often, but I always carry it with me. On it, I write everything, I draw sometimes, but not always. I have it for 6 month and I’ll finish it soon. I’m even afraid of the last three pages … it’s like in every journal I’ve tried to keep. The last 3 blank pages are frightening. How to end ? I’m always forced to leave the book unfinished, with the last 3 pages blank … But for my weblog, it’s not the same, I know there’ll never be the last 3 pages, so I’m not afraid to coninue.

So I was in Paris this week, and I managed to complete some pages of my Moleskine. Surprisingly it was not only for the uninteresting stuff I write habitually (references of music I like, things to remember, wild ideas waiting to be overcome…). No, this was an occasion for me to use this book like I was thinking I would use it.

Here are to fan-arts for my sister Juliett (who is photographer), with whom I lived this week.


In her tiny apartment, there is only room for a couch and the table with her computer. I was lying on the couch as she was working and listening to Metric …

Here she is, once again 😉


Same location, she is phoning a friend of hers. And she says that yes, girls are so tedious, sometimes.

I love pens, and I love stores where they sell pens, like Muji. One of my teachers has told us about the Japanese brand, and the quality of the pens we could buy there.
When I buy a pen, I always try it first on my sketchbook, write its name and draw it.


The note is funny, because I had 15,47€ in my pocket and it costed me 15,45 …

I spent a good time in Paris, but I came back. And I drew in the train, but well, it’s not that easy. But it’s always interesting, even if the models are moving. Especially the cute blonde girl I tried to catch in the reflection of the window… when I began, she was reading, but before I could draw her, she vanished behind her hand and fell asleep. I didn’t have much time for the construction of the image, so the perspectives are wrong and the reflection is not easily readable. Oh well …


At least I can say that it’s a fine tangle of lines…

Le Blaugue à Beleg
Born to artister un peu tous les jours.

© 2004 JdB

[Thanks Joachim for translating this post for us.]

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  1. I use the last few pages of my moleskine to hold an informal index to the first part of the book. Gives me an excuse to peruse the pages again and catch any little ideas I may have forgotten.

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