Latte Art


“I am Luigi Lupi born 1953 in Piacenza (Italy) where I live now . Despite the late age, I operate in the sector Coffee as barman and alone sommelier over twenty years. I would like to turn these few lines to the navigators you connect and to those people who intention has to enter to belong to this marvellous sector. For this job to emerge you need professionally experience. Only if you had the fortune to place side by side a great barman, you could have learn the art of this work.”


Image: © 2004 Latteart

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  1. Armand, I am consistently and delightfully amazed at the quality and diversity of entries posted on Moleskinerie. It never ceases to surprise me with new and witty sites to visit. I don’t know how you find all these diverse and imaginative sites, but a world without Moleskinerie would be dull indeed.

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