Moleskine on sale?


“so, i goes into my usual moleskine supply depot, even tho i cant really afford to plunk down $12 for a new notebook this week, [dont ask], i just wanna make sure they got some in stock & the price is still $12 …& what to my wondering eyes did appear but a little plastic wrapped bundle of three moleskine note boox all snuggled together for $8!! …but these arent the rigid cover, w/cloth book mark, elastic hold-it-shut strap, & accordion pleat back pocket models …they are the same dimentions but w/half the amount of, [ruled], paper & a tuff but flexible black cover w/the word ‘moleskine’ embossed on the back just like it should be …the back pages are perforated for easy rip-out action, & of course they come w/the usual multi-lingual ‘legend-of-moleskine’ literature …i was very happy to drop $8 for 3 lite-weight moleskine models that all together have half-again as much writing space as one of their bigger cousins for 2/3’s of the price.”

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