Nora H. Landon


I got my Moleskine notebook in the fall of 2002, after moving to a new city. I didn’t really have a plan for it when I bought it, I just thought it was gorgeous. Since then, it’s become a leather-bound superhero. I love gadgets and electronics, but as far as I’m concerned, my Moleskine is my PDA. It holds all of my important information: travel information, phone numbers, lists, notes about things I want to blog later, inspirations, condemnations, miscellany. I keep a glue stick with me to paste things in, and have had to use krazy glue to rebind it.

It’s a marvel to be able to look back at choices made, turns of phrases, the past in a little compact rectangle, a rectangle that is more alive than its black countenance would suggest. For me, the joy of the notebook is not necessarily writing in it, but the knowledge that should the need to write arise, I have a vessel to contain my thoughts. My moleskine offers me, as TS Eliot wrote, ” . . .time yet for a hundred indecisions …And for a hundred visions and revisions”…and the space in which to chronicle them.

Nora H. Landon

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