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“Writing, like meditation, is about befriending your junk, or at least tolerating it. With pen in hand, I do the same sort of thing I do when sitting on a meditation cushion: I pay attention to the flow of thoughts … Continue reading

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Amedei Porcelana

“I recently purchased a bar of Amedei Porcelana chocolate. Fog City News sells them for $11 here in San Francisco. When a bar of chocolate is individually numbered in a limited edition, you know it is going to be expensive… … Continue reading

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(Napkin Drawing by Kristen Wetterhahn) As a poet, Lawrence was inducted into the poetic pantheon after the publication in 1958 of A Coney Island of the Mind, one of this century’s best-selling books of poetry and a work which helped … Continue reading

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London Journal

“I felt like I snuck into the country. For many months, I worried about how to answer the woman at the customs counter in the airport. All my life our dialog had been the same: “What is your purpose for … Continue reading

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A few years ago, writer and performer Deborah Margolin got very sick. She spent many hours in hospitals, with doctors, and anywhere else she could find relief. And later, perhaps inevitably, she made a play out of those experiences. Here, … Continue reading

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The Future of Work

“Democracy and freedom are coming to business, says Tom Malone. And it’s all because of technology. Malone teaches at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and runs something called the Center for Coordination Science, which studies how technology changes the way … Continue reading

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Imitating Art

“HUNG LONG GALLERY A Great Collection of Oil Reproductions of all the World’s Masterpieces Discover their great oil-on-canvas reproductions of Masterpieces by all the World’s Masters such as Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Gauguin, Degas, Vermeer, Lempicka, Modigliani, Renoir, Botticelli, Dali, … Continue reading

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Joachim du Beleg

I don’t mention it often, but I always carry it with me. On it, I write everything, I draw sometimes, but not always. I have it for 6 month and I’ll finish it soon. I’m even afraid of the last … Continue reading

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Life After Tyranny

“So that smiling woman in Kaesong had called the secret police to warn them about someone collecting mineral water bottle labels. And they’d called Pyongyang about mineral water bottle labels. And now my guide was scared that I might have … Continue reading

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Holding Pattern

Holding Pattern turns your idle computer screen into an airplane window, complete with a moving aerial view. Each time the screensaver plays a unique sequence. Be patient: Let the screen saver play for a while, and you’ll see that this … Continue reading

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