The 2004 Footprint of Nations

“The 2004 Footprint of Nations concludes that the world’s wealthiest nations are mortgaging the future at the expense of today’s children, the poor, and the long-term health of the Earth. Through excessive consumption of non-renewable resources, a handful of countries... Read More


This Week on Moleskinerie

Mirò (briser la guitare) 8 Mars 2004 David Scrima April 19 Gauguin Tahiti, Paper Heaven, Meeting Paul Theroux, David Scrima April 20 The Sound of Food, The Circus Art of Johnny Meah, Are Americans becoming second-class consumers?, Gaviotas, Writing Tips... Read More


The Alexander Goodall Diaries

Firemen and Snakecharmers “Alexander Goodall was born in Mortlake, in Victoria’s Western District, on 19 December 1874. He signed his letters ‘Alex’ and his family called him ‘Aleck’. When he left school in 1888, he got a job as a... Read More


Soviet Zeppelins on Airmail Stamps

This series of stamps was issued in 1934. All appear to illustrate Soviet Airships The Airship “Pravda” emerging from the hangar. The rear/side view of this airship shows the large control surfaces. Boarding the airship. Visit The Airmail Stamp Museum... Read More


Latte Art

Cuore “I am Luigi Lupi born 1953 in Piacenza (Italy) where I live now . Despite the late age, I operate in the sector Coffee as barman and alone sommelier over twenty years. I would like to turn these few... Read More


Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter was born in England and lived there all her life. She is known today for her wonderful children’s stories, especially Peter Rabbit. Letter from Beatrix Potter to Bertha Mahony Miller From childhood, Beatrix was an avid student of... Read More


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reduce “The full hybrid system is capable of operating in either gas or electric modes, as well as a mode in which both the gas engine and electric motor are in operation. The advantages of a full hybrid system (also... Read More


Light and Darkness

Small city lights Africa image, NASA “Wealth is by its very nature ad extra – it is meant to go out from you, like a light that dispels darkness. Once wealth is locked up within the walls of your own... Read More


The Man Who Planted Trees

“The Man Who Planted Trees” is the story of a quiet Frenchman, Elzeard Bouffier, who did just that – he simply planted trees. Quietly, constantly, without seeking reward or fame, and without even regard to whether the ground was suitable... Read More