Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.



“The full hybrid system is capable of operating in either gas or electric modes, as well as a mode in which both the gas engine and electric motor are in operation.

The advantages of a full hybrid system (also used on the first Prius) are numerous, but the most important is that because the car can be run under certain conditions with electric power only, fuel consumption and emissions can be reduced significantly.”




“The key to designing a sustainable dwelling lies in the unique connection between the inhabitant, the land, all who have lived on the site, and all who will be impacted by its construction and existence… The story of the Tofte cabin is told in the voices of those who were involved in its creation, so for the full experience please ensure your speakers are functioning.”

The Tofte Project

Flash required



Trucker’s Wet Dream
Rodney Jtineant
auto parts, etc.

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