Seeing Things

The moon leaps
In the Great River’s current…
Floating on the wind,
What do I resemble?

“Traveling at Night”
(China, Tang Dynasty, 765)


This is probably the easiest pattern to spot. The face is cartoon-like, without much shading, but is quite big and easily noticeable on almost any Moon shot.


This is the most beautiful and detailed of the Moon images I found to date. There is a plenty of features to watch, and if you stare long enough even individual hairs can be made out. She’s so pretty, if only her left arm wasn’t so mutilated…


When my friend found this man, he insisted he was a knight, but careful inspection of man’s “hat” revealed that he was rather a priest (bishop perhaps) of some sort.

The Man in the Moon
and other weird things

© Miloslaw Smyk