Spring Morning


“Green grass catches my eye, reminding me of the icy crystals that were there just a month ago. The crystals have indeed transformed into green blades of grass and rich, dark soil.

Debris blanketed by the winter snow and ice is now exposed to the world. A piece of battered, gray styrofoam, a flattened, blackened orange peel, a brown flaky leaf. They all await the street cleaner’s wet brushes.

At the cafe, the normal bustle persists, just like any winter day, but there is a subtle difference today. Groups of pewter outdoor seating are clustered together, claiming the sidewalk outside my window. Nobody dares to sit in them… no, the air still a bit too cool for this. But they sit and they wait, knowing that inevitably a warm spring day will come and when they will serve their purposes.

The pewter chair community signals the fade of winter. Winter has served its term and has now packed its bags. The door closes behind it, even as spring unpacks and settles in.”

Mike Rohde

© 2004 MR