“Stationery Freak”


On a brand new morning
I pencil in my dates
Brush away the sleepiness
File my dreams away

Erase all traces of useless regret
Tie good intentions up in string
Staple reminders in my brain
Throw procrastination in the bin

If I have time after dusk
I pick up my marker pack
Circle the day’s triumphs in red
Bracket failures in black

Punch some holes in my arrogance
To reinforce my humility
Find some clips to hold together
My flailing integrity

Rule out bad thoughts that I’ve harboured
Print memories to keep
In the many folders of my mind
Before I go to sleep

Then I ask for forgiveness,
For my slate to be wiped clean
Thankful for the chance to have
Another new day to begin.

Posted by “Needsomecoffee” in Singapore
@ The Log Book

Photograph ©2002 Austin Burbridge