Testing the BBQ and exploring Balangan

“Friday night was exciting for me, I got to give the new bbq a trial.

After swinging by Bintang supermarket on Jl. Seminyak and picking up a bag of rice, steak, tomatoes, lettuce and Italian dressing I felt ready to fire it up. I loaded my little coconut burner with charcoal and tore up some of the cardboard packaging that the gear came in. It went up like a torch and after 10 minutes the charcoal was ready to be dumped on the base plate of the bbq.

I have in the past spent an hour soaking charcoal in lighter fluid, waiting, lighting, watching it burn and fizzle out only to repeat. To all those people who have gone through the same thing I say forget the lighter fluid and buy one of these stoves.”


“The meat was on for about 40 minutes, slow cooking and while that was going on I fixed the salad. The final result was okay although I soaked the rice. Can’t wait to get some real coconut husks in the burner to see how they go!”

Nick @ BaliBlog

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