The Alexander Goodall Diaries

Firemen and Snakecharmers

“Alexander Goodall was born in Mortlake, in Victoria’s Western District, on 19 December 1874. He signed his letters ‘Alex’ and his family called him ‘Aleck’. When he left school in 1888, he got a job as a clerk with the Post and Telegraph Office. His lungs began to trouble him and he decided to move to a warmer climate. In 1890, he left Mortlake for Rochester. Although he made some friends there it was a long way from his beloved family.

He thought the town was dreary and disliked his boss. Another transfer in September 1891 took him to Geelong where he lived happily for several years before moving to Bendigo.
Alex began to keep a diary at the age of 17. Four volumes have survived.”

The Alexander Goodall Diaries
State Library of Victoria, Australia