The Gardens and Ponds of Ancient Egypt


“Even in ancient Egypt, the value of land was almost prohibitive in the cities and we have today no real evidence of any gardens in these locations. Occasionally, a few trees were planted along the sides of the house (Tjoy), usually date palms alternating with another species, which can also be grown in brickwork containers…”


“Typically, a symmetrical layout was used with a rectangular or T-shaped pond in front of the house on the main longitudinal axis. This garden would then be surrounded by rows of trees of various species, possibly alternating in the same rows. It was not uncommon to find a pergola bordering the main alley along the axis or surrounding the pond.”


“Today, and throughout history really, gardens have played a big part in the lives of Egyptians. Gardens seem to have become a part of their being doubtless as much because of the nearby barren desert and the need to see life everywhere within that tiny strip of land which fosters life.”

The Gardens and Ponds of Ancient Egypt
by Jimmy Dunn

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