This Week on Moleskinerie


March 29
Old Things Are New Again, The Haiku Postcard Foundation, Wild Life, Hot Air Balloons and other Cool Stuff, A Flyer’s Notebook

March 30
Edwin Rolfe, Unh!, Colours on the Road, Indigosky

March 31
Light Reading, Van Gogh’s Letters, The Naturalist’s Notebook, The Art of Noise, WE HAVE A WINNER! “Cold Tracks” A Black Notebook Mystery

April 1
Harmonia Macrocosmica, Antonio Jorge Goncalves, Indian Alchemy, New Moleskine PDA!

April 2
The Heart Map, upon a meeting, Masks of the Himalayas, Brody Neuenschwander, London Calling, Nora H. Landon


Congratulations to TIM MOYLE for winning our “Cold Tracks” Mystery Contest and thanks to Nicola.

Welcome to the Moleskinerie Community @ Orkut:

Julian Sanchez
Ricardo Saramago of Portugal
Yi Shi and Tony in CA., Andy from WI.; Yuki & Aki from Japan, Marie in Germany, Gianluca from Italy and Cynthia in Australia.

Good luck to Justin on his new job and Lori on her dissertation.

Thanks for the mention:
The Big Smoker, London


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