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April 12
The Resurrection, Dyeing To Tell You, eBay Item #4202938995, Spring Morning

April 13
Boris Artzybasheff, How grammatically sound are you?, Stuff: Location Earth Dog Tags, The Most Beautiful Periodic Table Displays in the World, Discuss: Lined or Not

April 14
Tsuchiya Koitsu, Testing the BBQ and exploring Balangan, Lead Story, From the Logbook

April 15
Seeing Things, Movie Notes, W. Lynn Garrett, Beautiful Yosemite in spring

April 16
The Secret Books, The Gardens and Ponds of Ancient Egypt, ALPHA CO 110TH MI BN request *anything* (20 soldiers), None of my toys are for sale!, ijerry


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Birthday greetings to Norman – April 15, Michael Douglas-Llyr – April 20

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My Calamondin and Jasmine. ^_^

It’s Spring!