2004 Whitney Biennial

Kusama“THAT the latest Whitney Biennial is easily the best in some time probably won’t exempt it from the usual carping, the art world’s blood sport, although the troika in charge clearly took pains to anticipate some of their critics. The team of curators that the former Whitney director, Maxwell L. Anderson, threw together — Chrissie Iles, Debra Singer and Shamim M. Momin — overcame the inevitable strains and nicely capitalized on their differences in taste, coming up with the most cogent and layered biennial in years…

Beauty is the biennial’s ultimate defense against naysayers, notwithstanding that it is in the eye of the beholder. My vote for show-stopper is Yayoi Kusama’s mirrored room of colored lights and water, which should cause people to line up for a peek. Mr. Hodges’ trompe l’oeil glass tree branch with bird’s nest, and especially his photograph of a landscape, with dozens of tiny cutouts in the shapes of leaves, works that have a subtly memorial feeling, are among the sleepers.”

ART REVIEW; Touching All Bases At the Biennial
The New York Times
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