“As an artist – illustrator, I’ve been secreting all my observations and doodles for years on anything from 4″ x 6” cheap white paper pads held in ziplocs, graph paper Rhodia engineering books, Moleskine Notebooks and Clairefontaine sketchbooks to artful Italian journals. I even rip my own fine art papers and make small watercolor travel books sewn with twine.I stash my journals in wooden crates stacked as shelves.

My miniature museum and notes in hand. What I call “my fOllyfOliO”.


These spontaneous ink and color drawings, anagrams and writings have become a large body of work for me. 1000’s of pages of conceptual work and observations: verbal and visual.

When my thoughts run dry or my hand fears the next line – I reference my stash and have working drawings and ideas to refresh me. Ready to develop by traditional media or transform through computer graphics.

Decided to design a site and start an online store for all these idea tools and eventually add my experiences, drawings and the work of others.

Hoping all of you with the same obsession join me to build my site with your ideas, and patronage.

Why go to the big store guys when you can get personal with another devotee? Come visit – tell me stuff you’d like. Stay silly and serious both! Looking forward to making new friends.”

Susan @

3 thoughts on “fOllyfOliO

  1. Hi Susan
    I absolutely love your site. Another moleskinofphile website. Brilliant. Love all the other journals you have on the site. Rhodia was my first love many years ago after a trip to Paris, I still have some of those books, but nothing beats my moleskines, don’t start me I’ll never stop raving! Thanks for joining us!
    Hugs! Lise xx

  2. Hi! I just realized that is no longer valid…I gather she’s moving over to and has a blog here: ~

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