Artist’s Sketchbook

skbjun04I found a special edition of The Artist Magazine called “Artist’s Sketchbook” while browsing at Borders earlier today. Some of the features include:

“Destination: Inspiration
Six artists, 10 locations: Discover where creative types like to go to paint and sketch.
By Beth Derringer-Keith

Forever Young in Art: Artists at Work and Play
Husband and wife Jack Hines and Jessica Zemsky share their secrets for happily sketching and traveling together for 30 years.
Interview by Joanne Moore

You’re On Your Way to Timbuktu and Don’t Know What to Do
Make the most of any artistic retreat with these 19 inspirational and practical tips.
By Betsy Dillard Stroud

Great Escapes
Recharge your creativity by making a trek to an “art town.”
By Michelle Taute

Season in the Sun
It’s summertime and the inspiration comes easy. Let nature and tips from four artists guide you.
By Joanne Moore

Take a Creative Retreat in Your Own Backyard
Can’t afford to travel to find your painting muse? Then take a creative cue from what’s literally under your nose.
By Cathy Johnson”

This magazine is a good introduction for beginners and a refreshing update for those of us who have been into sketching for a while now. Check it out at your local bookstore or preview the Artist’s Sketchbook, June 2004 Edition @ The Artist Magazine website.