teen-spirit“If you read you’ll judge.”

These are the words scrawled on the cover of Kurt Cobain’s Journals , in his own handwriting. The cover is a facsimile of a red spiral notebook, one that was sold to publishers by his widow, Courtney Love. On page two there’s another message, probably left for Courtney, or another girlfriend, sleeping in his bed. “Don’t read my diary when I’m gone.” The irony, of course, is laughable. A few lines below there is another message, “Okay, I’m going to work now. When you wake up this morning, please read my diary. Look through my things, and figure me out.”

If you wanted permission to read Kurt Cobain’s journal, that’s as close as you will come. After all, this isn’t a book about his journals. This is the real thing; copies of actual pages in his own handwriting, as if someone snatched them off his coffee table and handed them to you – and that’s pretty much what Courtney Love did (though, I admit, I’m glad).

Journals begins like a collection of anyone’s writings, the difference being that this “anyone” turned into Kurt Cobain in the middle of writing them. The entries become painful to read as his life unravels (mostly due to heroin) but for the most part the book is moving, inspiring, and at the same time incredibly funny.

Kurt had a sarcastic sense of humor, which shines through on nearly every page. In one entry, for example, he talks about the town of Aberdeen where he and his best friend Chris Novoselic (Nirvana’s bassist) grew up. He calls it a town populated by “highly bigoted redneck, snoose-chewing, deer shooting, faggot killing, logger types who ‘ain’t too partial to weirdo new wavers.'” This is typical of Kurt Cobain’s humor. He was funny, irreverent and joyfully rebellious. He also speaks for every youth-movement that has ever happened in this country, from hippies to hip-hop musicians. He certainly wasn’t a saint, but he was a good person with a good heart. He hated bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and he loved all things beautiful and creative. He was also extremely sensitive, and prone to depression. In one of his more poignant entries, he even speaks about a suicide attempt as a teenager that was to change his life forever.”

Journals by Kurt Cobain
words Jeremy Fischer

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9 thoughts on “DIARY OF A SANE MAN

  1. ok in my oppion kurt cobain did lead a sane life about as sane as you could under his sercumstances it may not seem that way but how does lead a completely sane life no one really he is an amazing person with a wonderful since of humor and it is clearly seen through out every page of his intents and his humor and his personality it isnt seen through poperotcy and publicity even as closly as the journals but i think it is because that was the only place he felt safe and that is why he created buddah too. well at least thnat is what i think and i can relate because i have needed to get away sometimes and the only way for me is through m,y writting.
    krystal berger

  2. I absolutely adore kurt cobain and nirvana cause it really meens ”free of pain and suffering” to me. thanks for this information now I know more about him and his mind. keep the grunge alive!

    love, Anja.

    p.s i don’t think kurt shot himself ,but one step further and he would.
    courtney you suck!
    —please mail me.

  3. ummm so..curt cobain was, one; ahead of his time and two a genius stuck in his own mind. i understand his sensitivity and proneness to deperession because i am too…but no matter the challenges in my life or anothers life…he should be a house hold name and should be mych of an inspiration to all…it takes a genius to have people try to understand you more so after u pass away…

    much respect
    adam S.

  4. After trying to gain acceptance through Kurt’s image and his music, I can say that I made no friends from it…ever. I just shut myself out and because I thought I was important, I expected people to come to me and want to know me. Few tried and those who did were already shut out. I did succeed at beginning to know myself, and because of my negative outlook I started to find everything I hate about myself, and I kept finding more. 7 years running and now I know too much about how dark and disgusting the world, myself and other people can be.

    Now I struggle against all the fears I’ve created, learned and imagined. I haven’t seen it all, I haven’t seen the worst in people, I’m only 23, but I have imagined the worst, I have explored the darkest corners of my mind in a very controlled way, meaning I haven’t committed any atrosities, but I am fearful of those who do.

    Kurt Cobain died because of fear of himself and others. But I will face whatever death I deserve so that I will be punished no more.

  5. Ok,
    i am a huge fan of nirvana and Kurt Cobain,
    i did a speech on his life last year (i was in year 6), the teacher was not inpressed she said Kate this was inaproprite and i do not know why you like some drugy who killed themself’s.

    Well since then i have been reserching to find out if he did alegibly “suicide” i have watched documentrys on it read pages & pages of evidence. and i have finally come to my conclusion it was Courtney Love who murderd him i can prove it, anyway i think half the world knows that it was her but most people think that we are just kurt obsessed freaks who have nothing else to do but try and keep the spirt of some dead rockstar alive, ahaha they couldnt be more wrong!

    anyway if you have any questions or comments Please email me!!!!! thankyou

    yes i may be 13 but that doesnt stop me from understanding stuff and getting a wrong veiw of things. so do not let my age throw u off from e-mailing me or from understanding my veiws.

    from kate

  6. I think personally that it is humiliating and degrading to Kurt to take somthing so private and sacred to him and expose it.. Courtney love had absolutley no right what so ever to expose him like that. Also..Kate if you have done oh so much research like you say you have then you would realize that it was not Courtney Love who killed him…Dont get me wrong Courtney love is a junkie..but she was completley in love with Kurt. If you saw all the documentaries and looked through all the evidence you would know that Courtney was concerned about Kurt for awhile before his apparent suicide, she said” i would ask Kurt to play for me, but all he would do is just ignore me and sit in the room” Kurt became a recluse…he avoided interactment with everyone, even his own daughter at one point. There was no reason for Courtney love to kill him. The reason why this is…is because when Kurt died he left 1/4 of his life to his band and 3/4 of everything to his daughter…she will recieve everything when she turns 18. Courtney Love recieved absolutley nothing…if anything david killed kurt. or kurt plainly did kill himself.

    <3 Courtney

  7. I know that Kurt was an amazing talent and when you are this gifted, you are also often tormented with an alienation from ordinary people. I am sure that he always knew he was different, and lucky for us he had the desire to share what he felt about life. We are missing him now because he took us away from this mundane and difficult world and gave us another place to be. A place where we knew we were understood. We will always miss him and wish him love and peace. I stood in Aberdeen the other day, by the Wishkah River and thought of him. The world is alot lonelier without this beautiful spirit.

  8. umm courtney robinson your wrong about courtney loving kurt, if you actually did some research (which you obviously didnt do) you would had found out by now that courtney ,in my opinion , did really kill kurt . she sent some one to do it for her. she only did it so nirvana”s records can sell more and she’ll end up with all the money. in a video in you tube, there is a recording where courtney said to an investigator, tom grant , now that he is gone all his records will sell more. <== isn't that a reason why courtney wanted to kill kurt . Why would kurt kill him self if he really loved his daughter, he wouldnt just abandon her. There is so many evidence that kurt was murdered. since he injected him self with three times the fatal dose of heroin , he would of died in seconds, then he wouldnt have a chance to pick up the shot gun and shot himself, i mean a shot gun is long and he would have to reach the trigger, and pull it but he was to vulnerable to do it.. COURTNEY KILLED HIM. when kurt left the hotel , to leave to seattle , he left a note for courtney saying where he was going to be, and the stupid of courtney called an investigator to check where he was when she already knew, she was acting stupid because she knew he was going to be killed, So kurt got home and had a little conversation with the nanny who lived there too and later he left. Courtney sent an electrician to do a security system in the green house, (why would she send him to the green house first), the electrician came two days after and he found kurts body lying on the floor. Courntey knew where he was going to be killed and who killed him. why did EL DULCE die after having an interview claiming courtney offerd him 50,000 dollars to kill him with a shot gun? many unexpainable things on kurt's death , DID ANY ONE EVER ACCUSE THE NANNY FOR KURT COBAIN'S DEATH? SHE WAS THERE AT THE MOMENT , HOW DO WE KNOW IT WASNT HER AND COURTNEY SENT HER TO DO IT? probably courtney told the nanny to kill him when she had the chance,; This is my hypothesis of what happened: courtney was talking on the phone with the nanny and said to kill him once he got home. it was april 6th or 5th and kurt was in the green house , the nanny comes and threatens him with the shot gun . then she shot him in the mouth so there wouldnt be so much blood , she was wearing gloves at the time to not leave any evidence ,to make it seem it was suicidal she injected three times the fatal dose of heroine in both his arms then she left and locked the balcony from outside to make it seem like kurt did it but there is no way he could of done it if he was inside.after she made a phone call to courtney saying that the job was done , so courtney called an electrician to come two days after his death on april 8th. THIS IS WHAT I THINK HAPPENED NOT WHAT I RESEARCHED. i dont know yet if they EVER accused the nanny ? but this shows that kurt WAS MURDERED

  9. Stop arguing about his death. He shot himself, accept it. No close friends or family have come to another conclusion. A depressed, heroin addicted, bi-polar man who hated himself is likely to end. Courtney is an insane weirdo bitch, but she, with witnesses, desperately tried to get Kurt back. Kurt shut everyone off in the end.

    All the rumors created are immature wacky theories based of rumors that are easily explained. Just accept this man hated his life, everyone knew it.

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