Discuss Amongst Yourselves:

“I’m amazed that there are 123 members on this forum and probably many more out there making their way to find this virtual little place to share everything about Moleskines.

Question: How did you find your first Moleskine? Were you deliberately looking for it it? How long ago? Was it love at first site?

Looking forward to your responses.”

Lise :^)



“I found the Moleskine by chance at a huge stationery store near my workplace in Tokyo earlier this year. I had just finished buying a large padded envelope in order to send some LP records to a DJ friend in Perth, Australia during my lunch break and was strolling around the same floor of the store. When I saw the stacks of Moleskines, I remembered that I’d been looking for a pocket size, no-nonsense and non-spiral notebook for sometime.

After reading the usual marketing anecdotes about Chatwin and etc. on a small advertising board placed beside the notebooks I was hooked but decided to wait awhile to cool down and figure out whether I really wanted one. When I got back to the office, I did a search on the web about the notebook and found out a few more facts, including the Moleskinerie site.

After work that evening, I had my first Moleskine in my hands.”

From our Moleskinerie Community Forum @ Orkut