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“I really don’t know where to start with this diary, it’s absolutely WONDERFUL. There are really two ways to write in a diary. The rarest form is where the author writes with the intension of no one reading it (or not caring if someone does), which leaves the reader with some fascinating personal entries. The other way one would write is perhaps thinking someone might read it, there fore limiting your inner most thoughts. Our 19 year old young woman chooses the first option when keeping this very personal journal. Her deepest of feelings are written down in this 1919 diary which will surprise you all the way through especially at the end. Her name is Doris Jane Kellogg and she lives in Portland Oregon. I believe she is from a rather well off family as she attends many society socials, has her own dress maker, and seems a bit spoiled. She starts off writing on February 14th and stops her entries November 15th, when she is forced into wedlock with a young man because of her secret pregnancy. Between those dates she writes every day (give or take a few) and fills up all the space she can with her very long entries. The diary starts off with Doris as a senior in high school. She has a busy and very flirtatious summer, and then in Sept. heads off to college at the University of Washington. She struggles with her relationship with her parents, thinking they are too strict and tends to do as she pleases. I had the feeling she had become pregnant when she kept writing about being sick for days and days.”

1919 Handwritten Diary/Portland Oregon/19 yr old girl
Well to do/Seceret Pregnancy/College at U of Washington
eBay Item number: 3724798705
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