Enrico Bosi


“Form and Abstraction are two aspects of the same reality, and the relationship between the two is one that stimulates the human mind. But is that relationship such that we might develop a single language within the Figurative Arts, as in other areas of human communication? A precise shape – a vase, a hand, or whatever- is made up of many other smaller elements, and these may threaten the integrity of the object itself. What we see depends on our point of view. A straight line is an infinite series of minimal points, and it is intriguing to find ourselves in between these points, to perceive from a viewpoint lying somewhere between the Real and the Surreal. Colours may be mixed together to create shades and contrasts, and black and white to create ambiguity, an ambigiuity which the ‘viewer’ is invited to resolve – is it dawn or sunset? Is that woman’s dress green or yellow? Is there a smell of fresh grass coming from the meadow?”

The Art of Enrico Bosi
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Image: Pinocchio © EB

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