Graciela Iturbide


Images of the Spirit is a startlingly beautiful book that combines the lyricism of Manuel Alvarez Bravo (whom she studied with) and the haunting strangeness of Diane Arbus. What enables her pictures to soar above the merely documentary is her ability to inflect them with a surreal edge that makes them feel like pictures of dreams.”

—Kristine McKenna, Los Angeles Times Book Review


In such iconic images as Mujer ángel (Angel woman), which captures a Seri Indian woman in traditional dress walking into the Sonoran Desert, boom box in hand, and Nuestra Señora de las Iguanas (Our Lady of the Iguanas), in which a Juchitán merchant wears a headdress of live iguanas, Iturbide transforms the ordinary into the surreal.

“I don’t pretend to make my photographs speak the truth of what Mexico is all about,” says Iturbide. “But in its villages I can feel the way culture is changing, and it’s fascinating to live through it and try to capture it on camera.”

Images of the Spirit: The Evocative Vision of Graciela Iturbide
The Smithsonian Magazine

Images: © Graciela Iturbide

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