High Cuisine

Air Moldova meal, photo taken by Jennifer Gibson

“Not bad. Chicken in a tasteless orange-colored sauce – mustard? flavorless curry? What looked like French Fries turned out to be spaetzle (I think). I am basing this judgement on the chewy, almost rubbery consistency. Surprisingly, the salad was the weirdest part — greens were very bitter. Or maybe it was the Austrian “French Creme” dressing? Frankly, I was just glad to land.”

Concorde meal, photo taken by CharlesMD

“This breakfast was perfect, perhaps one of the best I’ve ever eaten in the air or on the ground. The eggs were so soft and buttery, not mushy, undercooked or burnt on the edges like the eggs in Club World are sometimes. The stewed tomato and mushrooms were very savory. The ham was juicy and had an absolutely fantastic taste. Looking at this picture, I still remember how good this tasted… Besides the dessert below, this is the dish I’ll always remember from Concorde. Note the decorative wedges cut into the lemon in the glass of water.


2 thoughts on “High Cuisine

  1. Air Moldova sounds like it’s even more terrifying in its meals than the old Romanian TAROM flights, which were notorious for faux-chicken (fish?) in Unknown Sauce. Many a year ago, a Hungarian flight (Malev?) had an excellent gulyas breakfast, though.

  2. Response to Lohr:
    From my own experience i can say that Air Moldova cuisine is the best one I’ve tasted. Out of about a dozen european air companies, Air Moldova presented the best service in terms of food, drinks, punctualitaty, flight attendance competence. I hope that people who seem to be that disappointed with their service have really flown with the moldavian airlines, and are not just suggesting this.
    P.S. I hope you will have a chance to take another trip with Air Moldova and change your opinion about it.

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