Kristi Hernberg


I’m a non-traditional student in RIT’s Physician Assistant program. It’s a rigorous program, and I couldn’t survive without the wonderful study groups I belong to, especially Microbiology and The Chem Poets (Margot, Corinne, Chelsea, Anne Marie, Janina, Ryan). We each contribute our own study materials; mine are usually my pocket Moleskine guides, and ridiculous mnemonics (Kiliani and Fischer head off to Hooters looking for some sweet thing with a bigger pair…).


Here is a chart of the lab procedures used to isolate and identify salmonella, drawn in my usual permanent Pilot G-2 ink and Durer watercolor pencils. Now, if Moleskine would offer a notebook with truly watercolor-friendly paper, I consider the notebooks Utterly Perfect.

Kristi Hernberg
New York

Images: © 200 KH