Marconi Station


“The Marconi Area obtained its name from the famous Italian inventor, Marconi. From a site here, Marconi successfully completed the first transatlantic wireless communication between the U.S. and England in 1903.

Here, the outer beach is famous for its then steep, forty-foot sand cliff (or scarp) located behind it. Swimmers and beach walkers feel a sense of solitude here because the scarp and ocean provide an unbroken, pristine natural scene in all directions.

The uplands above the beach slope gradually westward, and provide a graceful vista of both the bay and sea horizons of this portion of the Cape.

A platform above the Marconi station site enhances this view, and offers vistas southward to Eastham, and northward to Truro.”

Marconi Station
Cape Cod National Seashore



“This letter was sent to Marconi in response to his re-application for Patent No 5028, which was dated 5th March 1896 for ‘improvements in telegraphy and in apparatus therefor’. The letter states that the patent has been successfully lodged with the Patent Office and that provisional protection had been granted. The letter is from Carpmael & Co who were patent agents in London. The letter also highlights considerations for overseas patents:
‘We take this opportunity of impressing upon you that to obtain a valid Patent in Germany, Denmark and Portugal and Hungary the application must be made before the invention is published.
The French Patent must either be applied for within six months of the English application, or else before any publication of the invention takes place. Delay is dangerous in other Countries.”