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bidet“(I went to Tokyo for a couple of days. I’l be posting excerpts from my journal here.) It’s 4am in Tokyo (noon LA time). I just went downstairs to call my wife. First, I had to get change for my 5000 Yen bill. I like the way the desk clerk spread the 1000 notes in a pretty fan shape and offered them to me on a tray. What other country gives you that kind of service?

The flight from LAX to Tokyo was 11.5 hours and uncomfortable. I can never sleep on planes. I tried to nap, but I just fidgeted.

The good news about being stuck in an aluminum tube for hours on end is that I managed to write four pieces for my upcoming book. I used a Moleskine notebook (thanks, David!) and a Pilot Gel pen, which works well with the Moleskine. I’d be interested in hearing about other pens that are good on Moleskine’s paper.

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  1. I use the Uni-Ball Roller Grip Fine (0.7 mm) in blue. Funny, today, I was trying out some others in my Moleskine. I tried a Bic Stic, a Bic Clic, a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil (too brittle!) and a plain old wooden #2 pencil (too impermanent, like someone said above).

    I like the way the Uni-Ball’s ink flows smoothly across the page. Permanent after just a few seconds.

  2. I’ve been using Pilot G-2, Staedler 0.4 Gel Roller and Micron Pigma 0.5. The Micron bleeds through the paper least. I love the G2 but they seem to lay down a lot of ink. [Or is that me pressing too hard?]

    Does the read through on the next page bother anyone?

  3. Ilike the Pilot Gel…but I need a finer point than it really has… The Japan journal is something to look forward to, though…

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