Moleskine decoration

Image: Pragmatik

Ricardo: Do you have any kind of decoration on the inside cover of your moleskine? If so, what is it? (a photo, drawing, etc…)
Pragmatik: Baudelaire in there.
In the inside cover of my 2004 diary is a photo of Charles Baudelaire with the lines from “The Voice”:

“how many truths I trade away for lies,
and musing on heaven, stumble over trash…”

Diane: What about the outside of a Moleskine?
“Since Moleskines look identical, I have to decorate the outside to tell them apart. I’ve found stickers usually work pretty well. (My current journal has parrots and musical notes on it.) Are there any other materials you use on the outside?”

“I pasted the image of a singer I like.
and because the surface was too big for the cover on the (little) moleskine, I pasted one big part on the front, and the remnant of the image on the back …”

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I keep this clipping in my very first Moleskine.


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