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“Fascinating television documentary of investigation into Alexander the Great’s death and if I wasn’t mistaken there was a large sketchbook being used beautifully. The detective leading the investigation was using coloured pens and doing ‘mind maps’ (a la Tony Buzan) to map Alexander’s death.

An English Granada production for the Discovery Channel.

I couldn’t be 100% sure but it really looked like a moleskine, the black cover, the colour of the paper and the elastic which was slightly underneath the book itself plus you could see the bookmark.

It was fun seeing him use this, taking it around the world, putting notes in it so carefully. It reminded me in this technophilic? world, it is such a rare thing to see someone using a journal to work from!”

Lise @ Moleskinerie/ORKUT

Alvaro: Amelie

“In this fabulous film, Amelie uses a pocket Moleskine notebook to take notes, but I don’t remember where in the film it appears…”

Pragmatik: Amelie

“I think it’s when she’s looking for the owner of the box, checking off the names as she visits the people who bear them. She whips out her notebook outside of the subway station.
I’ve seen that movie too many times, no?”

“Who Killed Alexander The Great?”
Discovery Channel Australia


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  1. Moleskine spotted in TV: Spooks season 1 (UK) (M15 in the US), in the episode where Danny goes undercover at a bank. Tom writes down some information in a moleskine (small, black, has the band in the right place and is the right size) when the banking man collapses with a stroke.

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