Pen Talk

I use this…
The simple, black Bic Clic.
I’ve tried to write with fancy pens but the basic ones seem more pleasing 🙂
And the expensive ones aren’t any fun to chew on, I guess I’m very tactile and have to interact with my materials…
Also, the intensity of the ink (black!) is very nice with these. I can’t write with fineliners(my writing becomes illegible) and a fountain pen makes a mess and a pencil seems to un-permanent (it might be erased 🙂 so this works perfectly.
I know this cheap solution is almost like an insult to the Moleskine 🙂 but they make a pretty good team!

Annedien @ Moleskinerie/ORKUT


New Pilot G-6 5/14/2004 6:06 AM

The new Pilot G-6 (a fatter sleeker case around the reliable G-2 refill) is a terrific pen, very comfortable. I’ll have to look for the weighted Dr. Grip.

Another old favorite is the Parker 51, a vintage pen from 1946. Namiki Vanishing Point, super convenient with its clickable nib. Namiki Custom Impressions with a slight Italic nib I modified years ago, and a bit of flex. Vintage Rapidographs from the 1950s, which are comfortable (unlike the current knuckle-manglers).


“Pen Talk” @ Moleskinerie/ORKUT

Image: Pelikan