Pen Talk

I use this…
The simple, black Bic Clic.
I’ve tried to write with fancy pens but the basic ones seem more pleasing
And the expensive ones aren’t any fun to chew on, I guess I’m very tactile and have to interact with my materials…
Also, the intensity of the ink (black!) is very nice with these. I can’t write with fineliners(my writing becomes illegible) and a fountain pen makes a mess and a pencil seems to un-permanent (it might be erased so this works perfectly.
I know this cheap solution is almost like an insult to the Moleskine but they make a pretty good team!

Annedien @ Moleskinerie/ORKUT


New Pilot G-6 5/14/2004 6:06 AM

The new Pilot G-6 (a fatter sleeker case around the reliable G-2 refill) is a terrific pen, very comfortable. I’ll have to look for the weighted Dr. Grip.

Another old favorite is the Parker 51, a vintage pen from 1946. Namiki Vanishing Point, super convenient with its clickable nib. Namiki Custom Impressions with a slight Italic nib I modified years ago, and a bit of flex. Vintage Rapidographs from the 1950s, which are comfortable (unlike the current knuckle-manglers).


“Pen Talk” @ Moleskinerie/ORKUT

Image: Pelikan

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