The Moleskine Obsession

“Yes, we are “obsessed” if that’s not too strong a word by WHY? There are all the reasons we can come up with but ultimately moleskines are just a journal, but I have an amazing amount of diaries/journals that I’ve used over the years and nothing has excited me the way the moleskine has and I was excited by them before I knew others felt the same way.


OK, reading the blurb in the front, the whole aesthetic of the thing is brilliant but its as if the moleskine has an aura about it, a karma that binds us all, may be we have all been scribes in times past and somehow the moleskine has connected us all.

It has integrity, something that I am immediately attracted to and the Italians know style so well. These little books are an amazing little storehouse of many things and I am glad to have them in my life (chrikey you think I was talking about a friend!).

Glad to have found others who feel the same.”

Lise @ The Moleskine Obsession