The Silk Road


“The Silk Road is often talked of as a single route stretching east to west – from China to the Mediterranean. In fact the Silk Road is a simple name for a complex network. In its heyday, towns along it were open to influences from all the major world civilisations at the time, especially India to the south and the Turks to the north.

The Hungarian-born explorer Sir Marc Aurel Stein (1862-1942) fought rivals at the turn of the last century to be the first to uncover these long-lost civilisations. The evidence had lain buried for up to 2,000 years in tombs, tips and temples beneath the sands of eastern Central Asia.”

The Silk Road
Trade, Travel, War and Faith
@ The British Museum

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  1. Marc-Aurel Stein has always been a hero of mine. The on line Silk Road exhibit is just brilliant, by the way.

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