This Week on Moleskinerie

“El gusano” por Miguel Linares

May 3
2004 Whitney Biennial, Le Petit Monde de Joan Sfar, Write Space, The Moleskine Obsession

May 4
Trouts and Seasons of the Mountain Village, Treehouses, Chicago’s Lakefront Art, That They Go Down to the Sea in Ships

May 5
Graciela Iturbide, José Guadalupe Posada, Alebrijes, UNA PIÑATA BIBLIOGRÁFICA

May 6
Exhibition of Chinese Archaic Jades, High Cuisine, Einstein’s Last Years, Artist’s Sketchbook

May 7
Prayin’ in the Wind
, 10 Year Journal 2004 – 2014, Wind Chimes in the Rain, Discuss Amongst Yourselves:


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