This Week on Moleskinerie

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April 26
The 2004 Footprint of Nations, Holding Pattern, Life After Tyranny, Joachim du Beleg

April 27
Imitating Art, The Future of Work, Salve, London Journal

April 28
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Amedei Porcelana, Junk, Illustrated Diaries by Asian Children

April 20
The Ethiopian Manuscripts, Compound of Five Cubes, The DNA of AND: Ampersand as Myth and Metaphor, Our carnival life forever

April 30
Today is PIYP Day, The Double Comet Show of 2004, CandleScapes, Found, Alberto Lung


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Meanwhile, back in the farm…

Apple blossoms

Raspberry cuttings

A finch’s nest in plastic-cup porch lamp

^_^ Have a nice weekend Moleskine people!^_^