“Discovery of theAztec Calendar Stone(Astronomy — Archaeology). León y Gama, Antonio de. Descripcion histórica y cronológica de las dos piedras que con ocacion del nuevo empedrado que se está formando en la plaza principal de México se hallaron en ella el año de 1790…. México: Imp. de don Felipe de Zúniga y Ontiveros, 1792. Small 4to. [4] ff., 116 pp., [1] f., 3 fold. plts”

Philadelphia Rare Books and Manuscripts

Cortes“The Dupee Collection brings the John Hay’s Latin American holdings to life for students and senior scholars alike. The collection’s nearly 200 broadsides chronicle Mexican partisan politics, religious and anti-clerical debates, popular literature and drama, domestic revolutions and armed conflict with the United States. It contains basic records of the Mexican republic previously absent from Brown’s holdings – statutes, executive decrees, the documentary framework necessary for the study of a nation’s history and culture.

Together with the broadsides, newspapers, and pamphlets, these official records provide an extraordinary opportunity for teaching and research in Mexican studies here at Brown. Students can become familiar with the various formats in which Mexican politicians, economists, dramatists, and clerics of the early and mid-nineteenth century debated the fate of the struggling new republic while investigating the personalities and issues involved.”

Three for Three Million
The Paul R. Dupee Jr. ’65
Mexican History Collection

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  1. Brilliant collection… Brown has always had treasures in its library… It’s a place more scholars– or just readers –should explore.

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