Witold Riedel

“I can not really put my finger on it, something about this great moleskine popularity explosion worries me. You know, there is this little product we love to use, and it is a very intimate little thing that we carry... Read More



“At the moment my web browsing is very synchronicitous. Moleskines feature in a big way” Nicola vanillasky [Based in Manchester in the UK, I work for a UK Telco managing a project team. In my spare time I kickbox, dabble... Read More


William F. House

A page from the notebook of William F. House Writer Boulder, Colorado Visit Ocean of Words Image: © 2003 WFH Originally posted... Read More


Summer Break

Posting will be light while we enjoy summer for a couple of weeks. Regular Moleskinerie will return on July 5th. In the meantime, enjoy a rerun of our favorite notebooks. All emails will still be read (and spam pr0n swiftly... Read More



Thistle and bumblebee by the traintracks. Northern Illinois, 06.27.04 © 2004 A.B.F. … View a larger image @ AFK … One more week to go and we’ll be... Read More



Cartoon by A.B.F. Copyright © 2004 All Rights Reserved Originally posted... Read More


Christine Castro

A look inside award winning artist Christine Castro’s handbag. View a larger image @ the Moleskinerie Gallery Image: © 2003 CC [Thanks Janet] Originally posted... Read More


Nick Southall

“Wednesday, January 21, 2004 The Increasing(ly beautiful) Insanity Of The Outside World Some time ago I made reference on here to the fact that I use a Moleskine notebook, the type favoured by Henry VIII and Hemmingway and Attila The... Read More


Mike Rohde

WorkPod Modular Computing Concept A glimpse at a world famous designer’s Moleskine. View larger image @ the Moleskinerie Gallery Visit Rohdesign Originally posted... Read More