“Christmas is over now. The kids have played with all the toys, they’re full of sugar, restive, grumpy. Grandpa is hung-over, grandma has run out of kindliness, Mom has post-traumatic hostess stress. Dad put on seven pounds and he is facing horrific credit-card bills… The family is bored, itchy, feckless, ready to fling themselves at each other’s throats…

And then they discover Josh Nimoy’s BALL-DROPPINGS! Oh my gosh what a brilliant, subtle, pleasing, soothing little game. Anybody can play, even Luddite Grandpa (after his hangover fades). Hey Dad, hook that web-toy up on broadband to the big new family flat-screen.

Harmony is Restored! Excellent and very addictive. I tried to create rhythms and recorded the result with the WireTap application.”

— Bruce Sterling, Wired magazine

December 2003
by artist/designer Josh Nimoy

Download site.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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