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“IXCHEL: Moon Goddess of Pregnant Women and mother of the BACABS by ITZAMNA.

She invented weaving and, being partly waterfall herself, takes charge of downpours. Her hair is very snaky – it’s made from real snakes.

If humans upset her she can get very grumpy. If you see her wearing her crossbones skirt and writhing serpent hair do try not to be noticed. Then again she has a softer side as a Rainbow Goddess of Childbirth.

IXCHEL is also known as God O. Or rather, Goddess O. O is for Obstetrics. She is the wife of VOTAN and, like him, knocking on a bit, red-faced and wrinkly. She’s into all the crafts: weaving, watercolors and probably bottles her own chutney.”

Mayan Mythology
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Image: © Kate Cartwight