How Long Does Your Moleskine Last You?

“I ask because I’ve used moleskines for a while now for my notes – and one blank notebook could last me quite a while. Now I’m using one of the sketchbooks for drawing, and it looks like it’s going to be filling up quickly. I’m not sure I want to go through 1 notebook or more a month. Ok, I might do less than one a month, but still . At that rate, I’ll have to have a whole library soon just for my moleskines!

What do you do? limit yourself to one or two pages a day? buy lots of notebooks? use other notebooks?”

Michelle @ Moleskinerie/ORKUT

7 thoughts on “How Long Does Your Moleskine Last You?

  1. No limits – but a notebook can last as little as a weekend, and as much as half a year, depending on degree of enthusiasm.
    I use a big box for the filled-up ones. It’s really hard to get so many that it’s not possible to find what you’re looking for…

  2. I’ve only been using a moleskine for just over a month. I expect mine will last roughly 6 months. It would depend heavily on how you use it. Personally, I keep several different journals and fill quite a few pages collectively. My moleskine is my where I track my spiritual journey as a follower of Jesus.

    I consume a page every couple of days, sometimes several pages a day.

    QUESTION: Do you label your moleskines? I’ve been contemplating using whiteout on the binding once it is full to describe the topic and date range captured in the notebook.

  3. That sketchbook moleskine ended up filling up relatively quickly… and I’ve moved on since to a grid-style moleskine that’s lasting quite a bit longer. I’m using a different type of sketch book now — one available here in Japan — that has a binding you can push different types of paper pages into to mix-and-match your own choices of paper. Not only that — I went down to the store to pick up a new sketchbook and they were all out. They had the others — Japanese style, infobok, addresses, pockets… but no sketchbooks!

  4. Wow Michelle. Amazing how a simple question can get you thinking…

    Used as a daily notebook for work and stuff, I go through an A5 notebook (200-odd page) in about 4-6 months. In it I jot my notes, instructions, ideas, notes from phone conversations… it’s my brain, my “PDA” ( eg I sent that thing when? What was the con note number? When did they want that flight booked? etc). They are spiral now, because I like to have them flat in a desk-type job. They go back years, but I don’t keep them forever.

    I also use small (A6) yearly diaries, although next year I’ll be using a small week-per-opening Moleskine diary. On the spines of these I write the year in one of my wife’s silver craft pens. Troy, you are spot on with this – it’s a great help and looks good on the shelf over the years.

    My Moleskine – a small lined one – is mine only, not work’s or anyone’s. What’s in it is nobody else’s business and it won’t make sense to anyone else yet.

    I’ve always kept a notebook about me, ever since it was pointed out to me as a teenager as a useful habit. Not a diary – that’s separate – but a book for keeping things you want to remember – accounts, sayings, ideas, who has their coffee made how, instructions, all kinds of things.

    For example, when I was a runner on feature films, I used to buy a proper hip-pocket notebook at the start of each film, and inside the front was the coffeemaking instructions for all the principals – main cast, director, cameraman, first assistant etc. And then whatever I needed to do went in there, with a line through it when it was done. Absolutely invaluable – saved my backside hundreds of times.

    I’ve used all sorts of notebooks, usually whatever I could grab when I needed it. I avoid plastic sleeve-type ones – they fall apart.

    They have to be able to go into a pocket easily – and in Australia, that’s not a jacket pocket, it’s usually a shirt or the hip pocket on jeans – and they must therefore be strong. I liked the Alwych – the traditional English birdwatcher’s notebook, and then there’s Denbigh, etc.

    But now it’s Moleskines. Always pocket-sized. A volant for “shopping-list” stuff (like how the cameraman wants his coffee), which is with me always; and a pocket-size (lined or squared) for more permanent stuff. I never time how long they last. When they’re full they’ll go on the bookshelf with the others, and I’ll keep them forever.

  5. I was thinking about this yesterday. I’m on my first Moleskine. Started on 9 May, and it appears to be about 1/4 filled. As long as I have a few in inventory, I feel safe.

    I’m also looking forward to using a 2005 “week at a glance” Mole. My current calendar–an A4 sized, spiral bound I bought at MOMA isn’t working out. Has lots of lovely photos of NY, but it’s just too bulky. It has a Mole-style elastic band, but it doesn’t work well.


  6. A sketchbook used as a notebook…maybe 6 months. A grid-ruled notebook… 7-9 months… I do keep several journals/notebooks, so the little Moleskine in my briefcase every day will last a while…

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